Ardent’s 9th Anniversary

Preparations for Ardent’s 9th Anniversary celebrations started weeks before 27th October 2017!  Unlike the usual Annual Dinner & Dance setting, all staff are raring to compete in our inaugural “Ardent’s Got Talent” where 6 teams pit against one another to impress the judges with their creative performances.  Our panel of judges are made up of our very own beloved partners and they will decide on the top 3 teams based on entertainment factor and stage presence. Held at the Orchid Country Club, all of us are also entertained with exciting games where we get to know our colleagues better outside of work. One of the major highlights was our Photo Booth where many of us ‘jostled’ one another to get a chance to take many whacky and ‘out of the world’ photos!

“Special thanks to our Sports & Events Committee for spending so much time and effort in organising this event! All of us had loads of fun!” Alton Neo, Associate Director

“I am very happy to take so many nice pictures with my colleagues and enjoyed the games very much!” Jade Choong, Assistant Admin Manager

“Happy 9th Birthday Ardent! Event was well organised, performance was very entertaining and most importantly, the food was awesome!” Rae Chan, Senior Manager

“It is rare for interns to be invited to such corporate events but I am very happy to be here and have fun with my colleagues!” Prescott Kang, Intern

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