Accurate and transparent financial information is key to business decisions. Audit brings such assurance to businessmen and the wider economy and instils trust and confidence in corporate financial statements. Audit also helps to inculcate discipline in companies, deter frauds and gives comfort to other stakeholders that businesses are viable.

Businessmen and investors rely on audit to provide comfort that the Company’s own staff, systems, and processes are generating dependable information. Audit is in fact an essential part in the financial reporting value chain.

Statutory Audits

Our responsibility as statutory auditors is to express our opinion on whether the financial statements are properly drawn up in accordance with the provision of the Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards. Our approach to audit is to be effective and efficient.

To carry out effective and efficient audits, we obtain a good understanding of the companies’ businesses, particularly the complexities of the business. Our audit approach places a heavy emphasis on early planning and continued understanding of how your organisation functions to enable us to identify critical audit components and tailor our audit procedures to the unique aspects of your businesses.

Our audit team, with our collective international and varied experience, has the expertise and knowledge to pierce through difficult accounting areas to ensure that audit opinion rendered are appropriate. We also seek to add value to your business by bringing to your attention areas of internal control weaknesses identified during the course of our audit, providing pragmatic suggestions and working with you to develop ways to improve your organisation processes.

Special-Purpose Audits

We perform independent verification of financial data to provide insights and comfort for management and third party stakeholders based on agreed upon procedures or statutory regulations. We also provide review and special audit on specific areas of the financial statements or projects in relation to grants, revenue turnover, incentives, lucky draws, etc.

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