Risk & Governance

Governance, risk management and compliance are three critical pillars that ensure that an organisation meets its objectives. As your business grows, integrated governance, risk management and compliance are required to operate your business effectively. Our expertise covers:

Risk Management

Risk management should be embedded within an organisation to minimise the impact of unpredictable events and maximise opportunities. Striving for business growth, managing its associated risks and compliance with prescribed laws and regulations requires a measured balance. We can work with you to identify the risks inherent to your business and operations, assess its impact and develop strategic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework that best suits your organization in maximising value through an appropriate balance of growth, return, risks and deployment of resources.

Governance Advisory

The best governed companies are the ones that have successfully operationalised governance across the organisation by designing and operating effective processes for deployment of strategy, monitoring progress and reporting. Our service offerings are tailored to meet your needs in the realms of Leadership, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Audit and Accountability and Communication with Stakeholders.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit service is focused on supporting the leadership agenda in achieving overall corporate objectives, while maintaining an independent and valued voice in assisting both the audit committees and management balance the governance and growth agenda.

For enquiries relating to Risk & Governance, please contact:

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