Corporate Recovery


A businessman may wish to wind up his business voluntarily or creditors may wish to protect their interests. We are able to act as liquidator either in a voluntary liquidation (Members’ or Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation) or Court Winding Up.

We provide practical steps necessary to place the company in liquidation.

Lender Services

We are able to assist lenders experiencing difficulties with delinquent borrowers through independent business reviews. This allows an improved understanding of the borrower’s current state of affairs and facilitates the lenders’ evaluation of its recovery options.

We are able to work with borrowers on a debt restructuring plan and monitor the borrower’s adherence to agreed repayment schedules.

If a loan is secured by a debenture and other recovery options proved not feasible, we are able to act as receiver. We may similarly be appointed as receivers by the Court, where the interests of justice require it.

Scheme Administration

We are able to assist companies to work out a Scheme of Arrangement with creditors under Section 210 of the Companies Act, Cap 50 and act as Scheme Administrator.


Corporate restructuring and turnaround requires skills and a creative mind to map out a plan to meet stakeholders’ needs. We assist clients in analysing and reviewing its operations, business and future plans and recommend practical solutions for effective and efficient implementation.

We are also able to assist in the discussion and negotiations between companies, financial institutions and potential investors.

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